Association joins County Durham Foundation

Our associaition decided to become members of the County Durham Foundation earlier this year who recently helped us to secure a £700 grant from Northumbria Water to install a perminant water supplier to the allotment.


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Beautiful Durham Award Winners 2009

After one year on site the team were please to hear that they had received an Award of Merit from the Beautiful Durham 2009 judges.

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If you are interested in renting an allotment plot currently (£15.00 per year) at Church Vale or need more tenancy information please contact the allotment association on 0781 8557576 and ask for Ian

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Fully membership of Church Vale Allotment Association is limited to plot holders only. There is no annual membership fee but all members are required to pay £2.00 per month for 2009 season.

The current annual rent for individual plot holders is £15.00 per year payable to Pittington Parish Council.


Well wishes including individual sponsers or group sponsers can join the association and would be offered associate member status. There is no charge but a donation of £5.00 would be welcomed and used to fullfill the aims of the association be it cultivation, regeneration or wildlife conservation as defined in our constitution June 08


The Association aims to bulk purchase garden sundries from large trade suppliers and we therefore expect to benefit from lower purchase costs. Associate Members will be able to buy sundries such as seeds, slug pellets etc from the Association and we expect to pass on these cost savings where possible. Any profits made will be used towards the fullfillment of the Associations aims as defined in our constitute June 08.

Site Plan

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Contact Us

If you wish to have more information on the regeneration of Church Vale Allotments and plans for attracting more wildlife to the site please contact Ian Jobling Church Vale Allotment Association via e-mail or telephone


tel: 0781 8557576

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The Church Vale allotment site backs onto a large wooded area. So far this year we have see Hawks, Owls, Woodpeckers and Pheasant’s. We hope to dedicate a plot of land toward the back right of the site leading down towards the woods as a wildlife conservation area.

We are planning to strim the grass down a little and implement some path ways. The site will be planted up with wild flowers and grasses. Who knows maybe a small hide in the future for bird watching.

The association is looking to secure some funding to buy some nest boxes that can be put into the woods to attact wild birds. Keep looking on the website as we will be posting some images of the widlife we spot down on the plot.

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May 08

 August 6th 2008

Geordie and John are ahead of the game. They will be pulling spuds next week. Last year the guys lost 50% of there crop to cabbage root fly but this year they put lime in the hole before planting and around the plants afterwards. They are looking great at the moment and only one plant has been lost. Its been a very dry May and this could be helping.

Ian only took on the plot 3 weeks ago (end of May 08). The land was 6ft under but some hard work with the strimmer annd a spray of gallup has tamed the beast. He has cultivated a small plot and already has some cabbage, leeks and a dozen spuds in. More to follow regarding Ian’s plot in the coming weeks.

 May 08

Bill and Joe planted late but crops are growing fast now. Joe likes to chill with a couple of beers. The onions are coming on and the sweetcorn has picked up with the last few days rain. The land looks a bit dry but hopefully soon we will have some water supply on site.

 August 6th 08

 May 2008

Yes you might think its Kew Gardens but your wrong. Yes it Batman and Robin (yours truely Geordie and John). The polytunnel is bringing their gurkins on great….yep I did say gurkins.

Ian might not have a plot to die for yet but look at his plot at home. The boy’s in business!

Look at the quality of those crops! Carrots in pots as well!

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